Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wickid day :)

Seeing as this is my first proper post about what I've done for the day, I thought I'd start with the wickidest day I've had for a long time!!

Well today didn't start off too great, I had to get up ridiculously early to go baby-sitting for tuppence... fun fun fun..

But then I got a text from my bestest friend Kat asking what I was up to... So we made plans, and when I finished baby sitting I got picked up from Tesco by her 'n dad (Kat's dad but i call him mine too coz he is just ridiculously cool :) )

We then went to the reptile house in Sittingbourne that Kat went to the other day, so she could show me some leopard geckos, I even held one!! It's amazing for me because i dont like holding little animals coz im too scared of hurting them but im planning on buying one :) yay. So I thought I better try holding one coz it would be pretty pointless having a pet that you're too scared to hold lol.

Then we got back to her mum's got picked up by her man n' we went back to Kat's house, had a few bevvies and watched 'Dispicable me' was a bloody brilliant film!! Me and Kat laughed so much through it..

Oh i do love spending time with my Kitty, it is so uber cool when we spend time together, we could sit in the same room and not talk and I still love spending the time with her :) soppy i know but thought I'd express it on here haha.

I just had some cuddle time with 'Spider pig' and 'Squeakles' I think they love their aunty Fia, they sure dont seem to mind cuddle times with me so I enjoy it whilst I can haha ..

Well I better go and be sociable haha... Just thought I'd write this before i forgot, seeing as my memory is shot to peices...

Bye again :)

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