Monday, 28 February 2011

Good day gone bad!!

Today started out pretty good, got up this morning, had brekkie and got myself ready, at 11am i had a driving lesson for an hour. Didn't do too bad, I stalled a couple of times coz i got distracted haha

Then once i finished off I went to see my Kitty :) we had a few cuppa's and watched some tv.. Then we had to say goodbye to Buffy the parrot.. Poor Kat was upset to see her go.. But then we went on a little road trip with Dan to go get some inks, it was a lot of fun annoying him :) he thinks im a crank lol but I was quite hyper active today..

Then her man finished work and we set off.. But coz my special someone is working tonight I planned to go to our friends house, once I got in  his bitch of a housemate was told me that he was ill and didn't want any company!! So I thought bloody great I'm gunna be hanging around the streets for 5 hours!! Luckily my special someone made another plan for me, so now im at his just watching some tv..

Bless him he does try lol.. But I can't wait till tomorrow sooo excited, but I'm not going to spoil anything :)

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