Sunday, 27 February 2011

Long Weekend

Really should do this every day, seeing as I dont remember what's happened since Thursday... I did say my memories shot to bits though..

But cheekily I have had a nosey on Kat's blog so I remember haha :P..

Well I stayed at Kats Thursday n we had a wickid lay in on Friday, I was first up so thought it right that I'd make the first cuppa.. They are always the best ones of the day.. I brought Kat's up to her to find her awake so I didnt feel bad if I had to wake her up.. (even though I did have a cunning plan of how to do so) but theres always next time for that :)..

We then went to 'Tea's' house as Kat calls her :) had a good old natter there, was very fun.. But the time flew and before we knew it, it was 6pm!! So me n Kat with our bellies rumbling, decided to get a chinese (my treat this time) and we watched Dispicable me again, well I did, Kat decided to clean the piggles out so she brought them down for me to cuddle up with in the duvet :) was so much fun. They took it in turs to sit on my shoulder and kiss my face haha.. I still get worried about scaring or hurting the little dickens though so I tried not to move too much..
Then at 11pm I set off to go see my special someone and stayed at his for the night.

The next day (yesterday) me n my special someone had a lil lay in again and around 11am I called Kat to see if she was busy, she was free so we both showered and headed off to see her.. My special someone had to go to work at 1 so he left me n kat to it..
So for some random reason we had a blitz party.. So with the music blaring we cleaned the house.. Was very funny us singing along to everything whilst cleaning haha. I think Obi gets fed up of us sometimes, so he sulked off to relax somewhere more quiet bless him..
And after 4 hours of cleaning and about 2 hours of traumatic ordeals we decided it was time to get a well deserved drink :)

So after coming back to the shop with some lovely southern comfort and coke we had a few drinks and got very giggily haha
Then Kat's man got back and did what he does whilst we was still giggiling in the living room whilst playing xbox and listening to music..
Just after 11 my special someone came to Kats to get me, and ave a look at the tumble dryer, he's good at all that bollock haha.

So after a little longer we headed back home and I passed out as soon as my head touched the pillow, to wake this morn hanging like mad!!
So feeling sorry for myself I kicked my special someone out of bed and forced him to make me brekkie.. I am rather spoiled by him..

So now im back home and haven't got anything planned for today.. Just going to relax and feel sorry for myself a bit more haha :)

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